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Here I present my artistic activities.
I am a scientist and also a professional artist affiliated with Nipputen Artist Society. I am one of the directors of the Society.
I have organized my personal exhibition 15 times in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

My profiles
Katsuaki Sato (Doctor of Engineering: Applied Physics)
1966-1984 Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK)[1966-1968 Osaka Broadcasting Station, 1968-1984 Broadcasting Science Research Laboratories)
1984-1989 Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Faculty of Engineering
1989-2005 Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Faculty of Engineering
2005-2007 Vice-President for Education, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
2007- Emeritus Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 2007-2013 Supervisor for PRESTO Project "Next Generation Innovative Devices", Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
2008- Program Director of Public Relations, JST
2010- Fellow, Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS), JST
2015- Advisor for PRESTO Project "Phase Interfaces", JST
2016- Sub-Program Director, Nanotechnology Platform Project of MEXT
2017- Program Director, Nanotechnology Platform Project of MEXT
My Career in Artistic Activity
  • 1952: Started drawings at Tsuguro Itoh's Art School for Children in Osaka.
  • 1957: Learned oil color paintings under instruction of Yoshiro Okajima.
  • 1968-1984: Studied big tableau works under instruction of Tetsuro Nakajima and Kenji Hiwatashi at art club in the NHK laboratory.
  • Eleven times Personal Exhibitions at Shibuya, Ginza, Kyobashi and Shin-Yurigaoka.
  • Many awards from Nipputen Artist Society

  • The followings are my drawings (water color sketches and oil color paintings)
    1. Sato-gallery "What's New"
    2. Sketches of the world (about 700 sheets)
    3. Katsuaki Sato's drawings in Websites abroadNEW
    4. Sketches at ICTMC locations
    5. Sketches in Japan (about 600 sheets)
    6. Campus sketches of TUAT
    7. Flower drawings collection
    8. Oil colors
    9. Oil colors in TUAT Campus
    10. Portraits (Oil colors)
    11. Dessins of human portraits
    12. World Sketch Calendar
    13. Sato-gallery TUAT site
      All in English
    1. 2019.07.17 Sketches at MORIS conferences
    2. 2019.06.28 Uploaded sketches at Prague
    3. 2018.11.03-11 Katsuaki Sato Exhibition 2018 at Art Gallery 884
    4. 2016.11.05-13 Katsuaki Sato Exhibition 2016 at Art Gallery 884
    5. 2015.07.16-28 Katsuaki Sato Sketch Exhibition 2015 at Gallery Kasari
    6. 2013.10.01-31 Katsuaki Sato Exhibition in Science Museum of TUAT
    7. 2013.03.14-26 Katsuaki Sato Sketch Exhibition 2013 at Gallery Kasari
    8. 2012.04.05-04.17 Collaborative Exhibition of K.Sato and T.Sakurai
    9. 2010.11.18-23 Collaborative Exhibition of K.Sato and T.Ono
    10. 2010.08.23-08.29 Sketch Exhibition-Drawings of Paris
    11. 2007.11.29-12.18 Personal exhibition at Gallery Kasari(Latest exhibition)
    12. 2007.1.22-28 Oil color paintings presented at 2-persons exhibition (Gallery Kubota)
    13. Web exhibition 2006
    14. Sketch exhibition (2) at TUAT Textile Musium
    15. Sketch exhibition (1) at TUAT Textile Musium
    16. Sato Gallery Collection of Sketches in Paris
    Archives of Personal Exhibition
    1. The first exhibition at Gallery Shibuya (1974)
    2. The second exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1978)
    3. The third exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1980)
    4. The fourth exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1982)
    5. The fifth exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1984)
    6. The sixth exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1986)
    7. The seventh exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1988)
    8. The eighth exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1990)
    9. The ninth exhibition at Gallery Shiki (1992)
    10. The tenth exhibition at Gallery Shiki (2001)
    11. The eleventh exhibition (Oil color) at Gallery Kasari (2007)
    12. The twelfth exhibition (Sketch) at Gallery J&G (2010)
    13. The thirteenth exhibition (Sketch) at Gallry Kasari (2013)
    14. The fourteenth exhibition (Sketch) at Gallery Kasari (2015)
    15. The fifteenth exhibition (Oil color and sketch) at Art Gallry 884 (2016)
    16. The sixteenth exhibition (Oil color and sketch) at Art Gallry 884 (2018)
    Copyright of drawings on this Web-site belongs to Katsuaki Sato. Copying and using without notice to the author is prohibitted by the law. Please inform to Katsuaki Sato if you want to use these files for any purposes.

    Please send your comments by e-mail

    Sato Gallery What's New

  • 2018.07.15 Uploaded drawings at the Dessin meeting of Asao Cultural Association.
  • 2018.06.22 Uploaded Sketches of TUAT.
  • 2018.06.22 Uploaded sketches of administration blgd and guest house in SPring-8.
  • 2018.06.13 Uploaded sketches of Yamaguchi Univ. Tokiwa Campus and the Tokiwa Lake.
  • 2018.06.04 Uploaded sketches at CIT and the Shikotsu Lake.
  • 2018.05.26 Uploaded Sato's paintings at the 65th exhibition of Nipputen Art Institute.
  • 2017.12.28 Uploaded photo-calendars of wild birds and a dog Koichan.
  • 2017.12.24 Uploaded calendars of 2018.
  • 2017.09.15 Uploaded Sato's paintings exhibited at the Fall Exhibition of Hogakai(2017).
  • 2017.09.15 Uploaded Sato's oil color painting displayed at the Fall Exhibition of Western-style paintings of Nipputen Art Institue.
  • 2017.09.06 Uploaded sketches at Hakata.
  • 2017.08.07 Uploaded sketches of Nagasasaki.
  • 2017.06.04 Uploaded drawings at the Dessin meeting of Asao Cultural Association.
  • 2017.05.19 Uploaded Sato's paintings at the 64th exhibition of Nipputen Art Institute.
  • 2017.03.12 Uploaded Sato's paintings exhibited at the Spring Exhibition of Hogakai.
  • 2017.03.06 Uploaded Sato's oilcolor painting displayed at Artericca Shinyuri Art Exhibition 2017.
  • 2016.11.03Uploaded a sketch calendar of plants (2017).
  • 2016.11.03 Uploaded a sketch calendar of Japan (2017)をアップしました。
  • 2016.11.03 Uploaded a sketch calendar of Tokyo (2017)をアップしました。
  • 2016.10.30 Uploaded a sketch calendar of Halle, Germany (2017).
  • 2016.10.23 Uploaded Web page of Katsuaki Sato's personal Exhibition 2016.
  • 2016.09.19 Uploaded Sato's paintings exhibited at the Fall Exhibition of Hogakai(2016).
  • 2016.09.19 Uploaded Sato's oil color painting displayed at the Fall Exhibition of Western-style paintings of Nipputen Art Institue.
  • 2016.09.19 Upgraded ICTMC series.
  • 2016.09.17 Uploaded three sketches at Groningen, the Netherlands.
  • 2016.09.16 Uploaded thirteen sketches at Halle, Germany.
  • 2016.03.07 Uploaded Sato's oilcolor painting displayed at Artericca Shinyuri Art Exhibition 2016.
  • 2015.03.01 Uploaded Sato's paintings exhibited at the Spring Exhibition of Hogakai 2016.
  • 2015.12.29 Uploaded a small-size drawing displayed at New Year Exhibition of Gallery Kasari.
  • 2015.11.01 Uploaded three types of sketch calendar 2016.
  • 2015.04.23 Uploaded a sketch of a tiny flower shop atIchigaya.
  • 2015.03.23 Uploaded sketches of wild palnts.
  • 2015.03.09 Uploaded Sato's oilcolor painting displayed at Artericca Shinyuri Art Exhibition 2015.
  • 2015.03.08 Uploaded Sato's paintings exhibited at the Spring Exhibition of Hogakai 2015.
  • 2014.12.15 Uploaded two types of sketch calendar 2016.
  • 2014.12.01 Uploaded Sato's oilcolor paintings displayed at the 30th anniversary exhibition of Aso Art Association.
  • 2014.10.05 Uploaded sketches of Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • 2014.09.15 Uploaded Sato's paintings exhibited at the Fall Exhibition of Hogakai(2014).
  • 2014.09.08 Uploaded Sato's oil color painting displayed at the Fall Exhibition of Western-style paintings of Nipputen Art Institue (2014).
  • 2014.09.05 Uploaded skletches of Niigata.
  • 2014.07.14 Uploaded Sato's oil color painting displayed at the Exhibition of Award-winners of Western-style paintings of Nipputen Art Institue (2014).
  • 2014.06.21 Uploaded sketches of Nakanoshima, Osaka.
  • 2014.06.11 Uploaded sketches at Chongqin, China.
  • 2014.05.21 Uploaded Sato's oilcolor paintings at 61st Exhibition of Nipputen Art Institute.
  • 2014.03.09 Uploaded Sato's paintings exhibited at the Spring Exhibition of Hogakai 2014.
  • 2014.03.03 Uploaded Sato's oilcolor painting displayed at Artericca Shinyuri Art Exhibition 2014.
  • 2014.01.06 Uploaded sketches of Tokyo Stationをアッ
  • 2014.01.04 Uploaded World Sketch Calendar 2014
  • 2013.12.04 Uploaded sketches of Saitama.
  • 2013.11.23 Uploaded sketches of Tsukuba.
  • 2013.11.15 Uploaded sketches of Hiimeji and Aioi.
  • 2013.11.12 Uploaded sketches of Karuizawa.
  • 2013.10.08 Uploaded sketches of Sendai.
  • 2013.09.20 Uploaded sketches of Kyotanabe and Doshisha University.
  • 2013.09.20 Uploaded sketches of Temples in Kyoto.
  • 2013.06.28 Uploaded sketches of Natural Promenade of Tama.
  • 2013.06.10 Uploaded sketches of two actresesses at Dessin Meeting.
  • 2013.06.06 Uploaded sketches of Fukuoka.
  • 2013.05.22 Uploaded an oilcolor tableau of 60th Exhibition of Nipputen Artists Group.
  • 2013.03.17 Uploaded an oilcolor of Hogakai Exhibition 2013 Spring.
  • 2013.03.14 Uploaded details of Katsuaki Sato Sketch Exhibition 2013.
  • 2013.03.04 Uploaded an oilcor tableau of Artericca Exhibition 2013.
  • 2012.12.13 Uploaded an oilcor painting of Nipputen Artists Group Exhibition.
  • 2012.10.04 Uploaded sketches of Nara.
  • 2012.09.22 Uploaded sketches of Salzburg, Viena and Budapest
  • 2011.06.28 Uploaded sketches of Arnheim and Nijmegen 2011
  • 2010.05.16 Renewal of the Sketches of the world has been carried out.
  • 2010.04.18 Uploaded sketches of Nakasu in Hakata (Fukuoka city) where JST-PRESTO meeting was held.
  • 2010.03.23 Uploaded sketches of ICTMC conference locations.
  • 2009.10.11 Uploaded sketches of Istanbul where I dropped at transit and add several sketches of Crimea.
  • 2008.09.20 Uploaded sketches of Berlin where I visited to attend ICTMC-16 conference.
  • 2008.08.03 The english index page of Sato-gallery opens.
  • 2008.07.16 English Sato-gallery at TUAT Web-site is revised.
  • 2008.07.03 Uploaded sketches of Denmark and Sweden where I visited to attend PCST-10 conference.
  • 2008.06.06 Uploaded Sketches of Yume-butai at Awaji island where the PRESTO symposium were held.
  • 2008.06.01 Uploaded sketches of actresses at Dessin-meeting organized by Asao Cultural Association.
  • 2008.05.05 Rearranged oil colors by classifying according to the exhibition series.
  • 2008.03.15 Uploaded Landscape of Otaru old town presented at Hogakai Exhibition(2008.3.16-22).
  • 2008.02.11 Uploaded skeches of Okinawa landscapes.
  • 2008.02.03 Uploaded paintings of The fourth personal exhibition (1982).
  • 2008.02.03 Total number of sketches of Japan exceeded 245.
  • 2008.01.12 Classified sketches of Japan by prefectures.
  • 2008.01.05 Uploaded lanscape sketches of Asao area of Kawasaki City.

  • Sketches
    (Water-resistant marker and water color)

    Classification by Country names

    Alphabetical index

    AustriaNEWSalzburgFortress Hohensalzburg from the Youth Hostel "JUFA", Fortress from Josef Preis Allee, Fortress from Freisaalweg, Fortress from Salzsach River bank, Stift Nomberg from Josef Preis Allee, Mt.Untersberg, a residence and a farmhouse from Brunnhausgasse lane, Small Fortress on Monchsberg, Cafeterrasse in the Fortress of Hohensalzburg, Main Gate of Salzburg University, Lotus pond in the back of Salzburg University, String doublet concert at the banquet of ICTMC18 Conference, Altstadthotel Kasererbraeu on Kaigasse lane, Residenzplaz and Dom , Poem of Towers in Salzburg, Bird's eye view of Salzburg , Mirabell Palace and Garden
    VienaHofburg (Imperial Palace of Viena)
    AustraliaCairnsCairns Bay from Waterfront Terrace, Down Town Cairns, In front of Cairns Convention Center, Big tree in Cairns
    Fitzroy IslandBeach in Fitzroy, Port of Fitzroy, Lighthouse of Fitzroy
    Kuranda and RainforeststationRainforest Station in Kuranda, Crocodile, Wallaby, Koala, Singer at Rainforest Station
    Noosa beachPalm tree on Noosa Beach, Hotels on Noosa Beach, Fruitshop in Noosa, Evening in Noosa
    Twinwater resortTwinwater resort(1), Twinwater resort(2), Twinwater resort(3), Twinwater resort(4)
    AzerbaijanBakuCaspian_Sea, Baku_from_Europe_Hotel, Hyatt_Conference_Center, Caravan_Sarai_Banquet, Caravan_Sarai_Belly_Dance, Baku_Buildings_from_Europe_Hotel, Memorial_Cemetry, Turkish_mosk, Old Wall, Yach_harbor, Concert
    BelgiumLeuvenBegainhof, Leuven City Hall , Domos beer restaurant, City Hall from Domos, Library of KUL
    BreugeBirdeye view of Breuge, Canal and buildings(1), Canal and buildings(2)
    ChinaBeijingBeijing Castle, Beijing Hostel, GreatWall
    Chongqing Chuiyun Interchange and Monorail line from Grand Metropark Hotel , The Jialing river near Yuelai EXPO center , Street botanical shops in the Guanyinqiao district , Bridge on the Jialing river , SML square and The light-uped Bankee-Gorges , Buildings at the Hongyadong cliff along Jialing river , Old Town of Qicikou , Old Town of Qicikou
    ShanghaiBuilding rush, Street, Shanhai Inst Metallurgy, Yuyuan1, Yuyuan2, Waitan
    HuanshanHuanshan Resort(1), Huanshan Resort(2), Banboo Wood, Cloud Sea of Hwanshan(1), Cloud Sea of Hwanshan(2), Cloud Sea of Hwanshan(3), Cablecar station of Hwanshan, Chinese chess
    Other citiesRyuyuen, The Great Bridge
    CzechPragueCharles Bridge, Astronomical Cloch, Bird's eye view
    DenmarkCopenhagenCity Hall, NY Carlsberg Museum, Canal in front of Christiansborg Castle, Tivoli Park
    FranceAix en Provence Cours Mirabeau, Eglise de la Madeleine/ Marche provencal. Place des Precheurs, Hotel de Ville, Fontaine des Quatre-Dauphins
    Alsace and Strasbourg Ponts Couverts, Riverside, Petite France 1, Petite France 2, Eglise Saint Thomas, Street corner, Riqueville, Riqueville 2, Eglise de Riveauville, Torte d'Alsace, Ville d'Alsace
    Avignon and vivinity Pont du Gard, Fortes Saint Andres 1, Fortes Saint Andres 22, Banquet a l'Avigenon
    Benodet and Quinper (Benodet) Landscape with boats and a yacht, Landscape with a yacht, Boat harbour, Old castle and a farm, Landscape with an old church, Landscape with a lighthouse, A creperie, Benodet harbour from Pont de l'Abbe, At a restaurant on a beach, Landscape with wrecked boats
    Dourdan Villagium, Ceder at the Villagium, Far view from the Villagium, Villagium in the fog, Le chateau et l'eglise, Fosses du Chateau, Marcheaux Herbes, Pl. Gal de Gaulle, Rue du Battoir, Rue Haute Foulerie, Rue St Pierre
    Fontenbleaux Chateau de Fontainebleau , Street of Fontainebleau 1, Street of Fontainebleau 2, Street of Fontainebleau 3, Shops of Fontainbleau 1, Shops of Fontainbleau 2
    Grenoble Fort Bastilles, Vel Col from Pl. Arstide Brand , L'Isere 1, L'Isere 2, Jardin de Ville, Old town from the Bastilles, Palais de Justice, Pl. Notre Dame 1, Pl. Notre Dame 2, Pl. Saint Andre, Pl. Trois Dauphins, R. Dominique Villars, R. Raoul Blanchaud, Eglise Sacre Coeur, Eglise Saint Andre, Avenue Alsace Lorraine , Mountain in the Belledonne Mountain chain, Alpes Congre, ICCG14 Opening Ceremony, Chateau du Touvet (Banquet site)
    LeCreusot Eglise a la place du Creusot, Chateau Varrerie 1, Chateau Varrerie 2, Downtown of le Creusot, Eglise du Creusot, Marteau Pillon, Place du Creusot, Gare du Creusot, Hotel de Ville, Chateau Couche 1, Chateau Couche 2, Chateau Cormatin, Cluny Abbey
    Marseilles Vieux Porte, Fort Saint-Jean et Cathedrale Ste-Marie Majeure, Vieux porte from Fort Saint Nicolas, Notre Dame de la Garde from Vieux Porte,
    Montpellier and vicinity Arc de Triomphe, Place de Saint Seine, Eglise Saint Comes, Canal de Sete, Balaruc de Bains, Mont Saint-Clair
    Paris At a Cafe: In a cafe restaurant 1, In a cafe restaurant 2
    Chatree: Les Halle and St. Eustacle, Ho^tel de ville
    Canal St Martin:Bassin de la Viette, Canal St Martin
    Montmartre: Montmartre from hill, Sacre-Couer from Rue Saint-Rustique in Montmartre, Sacre-Couer 1, Sacre-Couer 2, Montmartre, A small restaurant 1, A small restaurant 2, Long Steps in Montmartre, Montmartre from Pompidou Centre, Montmartre from Musee d'Orsay, Lapin Agile
    Along the Seine: The Seine in winter, Triumphal Gate on May 8, Champs Elysees on May 8, La Seine from the Pont de la Concorde, A view of the Grand Palais from the bank of the Seine, Musee d'Orsay, A pond in the Tuilleries, View from the Musee de l'Orangerie , Musee Louvre, Pont St. Michel, Tour Eiffel, Bird view from Eiffel tower, NotreDame de Paris, Notre Dame in the evening light, La Seine, Street corner near Notre Dame
    Quartier Latin and Palais Luxemburg: Quartier Latin 1, Quartier Latin 2,Eglise St German des Pres, Eglise St German l'Auxerois, Sorbonne, Rue Michlet, Rue de Vavin, Ru d'Assas, Maison au Rue d'Assas, Pantheon, Palais Luxemburg et Tour Eiffel from Pantheon, Palais du Luxemburg, Jardin du Luxemburg 1, Jardin du Luxemburg 2 , Orangerie du Luxemburg, Le Tournun, Les Arbres des rue du Observatoir, Jardin d'Eecole Polytechnique, Rue Cujas, ENSCP(Ecole Normale Superieur de Chimie) , Rue Pierre et Marie Curie , Pierre et Marie Curie in ENSCP, Eglise St. Etienne du Mont, Rue Mouffetard
    Versailles: Palais Versailles, Jardin des Versailles, Versailles in the winter
    Fontainebleau: Chateau de Fontainebleau, Street of Fontainebleau 1, Street of Fontainebleau 2, Street of Fontainebleau 3, Shops of Fontainbleau 1, Shops of Fontainbleau 2
    Quinper (Benodet-Quinper) Cruise along the Odet 1, Cruise along the Odet 2
    (Quinper) The Odet, Cathedral, Old Houses, Quinper Street, Wheet field near Airport
    Strasbourg Ponts Couverts, Riverside, Petite France 1, Petite France 2, Eglise Saint Thomas, Street corner
    GermanyBerlin Keiser Wilhelm Gedaechtnis KircheTechnische Universitaet Berlin, Eugene-Paul-Wigner nuilding, Spree river from Jannowitzbuecke, Cruise on the Spree, Berliner Dom, Brandemburg tor, Bundestag, Franzoesische dom
    Cologn Far view of the Cathedral, Near view of the Cathedral, Church near the Cathrdal, The Rhein and houses 1, The Rhein and houses 2
    Duesseldorf Apartment houses, Koenig Strasse, Cafererrasse in down town, Down town 1, Down town 2, Down town 3, Universitaet Duesseldorf
    Freiberg Bird view from tower top, City house, Schwabentor and street car 1, Schwabentor and street car 2, Schwabentor and street car 3
    Halle Marktplatz , Buildings in Marktplatz , Marktkirche church tower , Panoramic View of Halle from Marktkirche Tower , Street view of Halle , Haendel House , Leopordina , Moritzburg Art Museum , Dom zu Halle , Museum Soxony Anhalt , Harroren und Salien-Museum, Leipzig Tower , Hauptbahnhof
    Heidelberg Philosopher's lane, Bird's eye view from the Heidelberg castle, Heidelberg Castle, Altebrueck from the town, Downtown, The Necker and Altebruecke
    Maubach Church in the far view, Old House, City center 1, City center 2, Clock tower 1, Clock tower 2
    Stuttgart Schlossplatz and signpost of U-bahn, Schlossplatz, Church Tower, Musician in the Wine Festival, Street portraitist, Clock Tower in the down town,
    Zons Zons Gate 1, Zons Gate 2, Zons tower 1, Zons tower 2, Zons Cafe shop
    (The Netherlands)
    Amsterdam Central Station Central Station and Cathedral Canal and Bridge Canal and Cathedral Canal Canal and willow Canal and Streetcar Meeting on the Canal Munt Tower and Flower Market Beer Restaurant Houses on the Canal Amstel Canal near the Munt Tower Amstel Canal
    Arnhem Kroller-Muller Museum (1), Outdoor exhibition of Kroller-Muller Museum, A garden and a restaurant of the Landgoed Groot Warnsborn, A cottage in the garden of the Landgoed Groot Warnsborn
    DenBosch Canal and Old Housing, Canal and Jumping Bridge, City House, St. Jahn Church, Market Place, Market Place in Rain
    Enschede Bird's eye view Enschede
    Groningen NEW Groningen University , Central Station , Paterswoldsemeer
    Hoorn and nearby town Widmill and canal Widmill Local restaurant Folk crafts in a local restaurant
    Leiden and suburbs Leiden: Windmill(Leiden, 2011)NEW, West Gate(Leiden, 2011)NEW, Windmill and Jumping Bridge, Canal and Jumping Bridge, Jumping Bridge , Leiden from Widmill
    Keukenhof: Pond and Tulip Field, Tulip and Hyacynth, Pond and Fritilaria
    Noordwijkerhout: Hyacynth Field, Hyacynth and Tulip, Lake, Leeuwenhorst Congress Center
    Maastricht St. Martinus, The Maas and St. Augustine, The Maas and Luther Church, St.Servaasbasiliek Cathedral
    Nijmegen Street with St.Stevens Church, St.Stevens from Pl. 1944, St. Stevens from Grotemarkt, Old House at Grotemarkt, Main Entrance of St. Stevens, Old Tower of Roman Period, St Nicolaas Chapel (Ruin of Roman Fortress), Typical Dutch Houses, Stable and Ginkgo Tree, University Hospital, Faculty of Science, Old Castle in the University, Old Castle in the University, The Smallest Village of Holland from Berg en Dal, The Notre Dame Des Anges School in Berg en Dal A Church_on the Molenstraat, Waalshaven, a port of Nijmegen
    Nijmegen 2011 Nijmegen Central Station, Huygens Building Radbout University, St.Stevens Church and Grootmarkt, Musicians at Market Place, Cafe restaurant on Grootmarkt, A supermarket on the Molenstreet, A beer restaurant on the Molenstreet, A view from Hunnerberg, Far view of Nijmegen from the bridge on the Waals river,
    Ootmarsum Roman Cathoric Church, Church from Kewel Street, Town House, North Holland Church, ,Market Place and Street
    HungaryBudapestNEWBuda Castle Palace, Chain Bridge, Budapest north from Fishermens Bastion, A church on Krudy Gyula street (in front of Hotel Palazzo Zichy)
    ItalyRome Fororomano, Colosseo, Plaza Navona, Vatican Palace
    Sardinia View from Castelio Hotel, Hotel room of Castilio Hotel
    JapanAichiNagoya: Nagoya Castle from TV Tower, Pavilion of Nagoya Castle
    Kasugai:Chubu University
    Gamagori:Takeshima island, Gamagori
    Okazaki: Institute for Molecular Research
    AkitaAkita Port from Serion, Senshu Park
    ChibaTomiura: Tomiura Royal Hotel, Tomiura Royal Hotel Entrance, Tateyama Bay, Tomiura Beach
    Boso: Nojimazaki Light House, Boso ocean from Nojima Light House, Tanjoji Temple, Bus Stop in Togawa Port, Fishery Port of Togawa
    EhimeMatsuyama: West view from Matsuyama Castle, Matsuyama Downtown from Shiroyama, Matsuyama Castle, Matsuyama Castle Main Pavillion, Ehime Univ. Main Gate, Botchan SL train, Prefectural Office and a Tram, Matsuyama Castle from Minamihoribata, Matsuyama Castle from Ehime University, Dogo Spa Main Entrance, Matsuyama View from Dogo Mielparque Hotel
    FukuiTsuruga: Fishery Market, Tsuruga Port from Kanegasaki, Tsuruga Port and Cargo Ship
    FukuokaHakata: Hakata Port(1), Hakata Port(2), Hakata Port(3) , Fukuoka City from Port Tower , Nakasu Riverside, Nakasu Stall, Nakasu Stall Street, Nakagawa River branch from Nakasu Shimbashi Bridge, Deaibashi bridge on Nakagawa River and Kokaido
    GifuTajimi: Tajimi Oribe Street
    GummaOze: Mizubasho (skunk cabage), Mt. Shibutsudake, Mt. Shibutsudake from Oze Marsh, Mt. Hiuchidate
    HiroshimaHiroshima: Genbaku Dome (Skeletal Building for Commemoration of Atomic Bomb Dropping), Monument and Ganbaku Dome, River and the Genbaku Dome, River and the Genbaku Dome
    OnomichiWest View from Senkoji, Onomichi Bridge from Senkoji, Mukaijima bird's eye view, Onomichi Dockyard from Senkoji, Onomichi Dockyard from Station Plaza
    Saijo(Higashi-Hiroshima): Saijo Bird's eye view, Saijo Sake Brewary

    Sapporo: Sapporo Clock Tower, Sapporo Ohdori Park(1) , Sapporo Ohdori Park(2), Hokkaido Municipal Office, Pond in Hokkaido Municipal office, Fall in Ohdori Park
    Hokkaido Univ Campus: Furukawa Auditorium in Hokkaido University, Central Loan of Hokkaido University, Ginkgo Avenue, Jusanjo Entrance of Hokkaido University, Farm with Poplar Trees, Hokudai campus bird's eye view , Ohno Pond in Hokkaido University
    Teine: Mt. Teine from Hokkaido Institute of Technology(HIT), Garden in Hokkaido Institute of Technology, Campus Scene in Hokkaido Institute of Technology
    Otaru : Otaru Canal (1) , Otaru Canal (2), Otaru Canal (3) , Otaru Music Box Factory(1) , Otaru Music Box Factory(2) , Otaru Sakaicho (1) , Otaru Sakaicho (2) , Otaru Dakaicho(3) , Otaru Financial Musium

    HyogoAwaji Island: Akashi Ohashi Bridge from Maiko, Yumebutai Landscape, Yumebutai Congress Hall, Westin Hotel, Yumebutai Lanscape from Terrasse Cafe, Yumebutai Convention Hall from hotel room, Awaji Tsubasa Port, Miracle Planet Museum of Plants, Tropical Plants in Miracle Planet Museum of Plants, Awaji Puppet Show 1, Awaji Puppet Show 2
    IbarakiFukuroda: a href="Japan/fukuroda_fall1.jpg">Fukuroda Fall, Mt. Yamatsuri
    Oarai: Oarai Fishery Port 1, Oarai Fishery Boat
    IshikawaNoto: Notojima, Fukuura from Komakidai, Nishigishi from Komakidai, Kokuminshukusha Hotel, Wajima morning market 1, Wajima morrning market 2, Wajima Port from light house 1, Wajima Port from light house 2 , Wajima Port, fishing boats 1, Wajima Port, fishing boats 2, Festival boat of Sumiyoshi shrine, Wajima Port from Ipponmatsu
    IwateHiraizumi and Morioka: Benkeido, Konjikido 1, Konjikido 2, Hiraizumi from Benkeido, Ooido of Hiraizumi, Motsuji Temple
    Koiwai: Koiwai Farm and Mt. Iwate
    KanagawaKawasaki Asao-ku: Korinji from Takaishi Shrine, Korinji Five-story Pagoda, Five-story Pagoda from Temple Korinji, Korinji from Takaishi 2-chome, Hosayama from Takaishi Shrine, Takaishi Shrine, Ozenji Temple, Shukoji Temple, Jokeiji Temple, Asao-fudo Temple, Tsukiyomi Shrine, Tokoin Temple, Tokoin Temple and Bell-house, Tokoin Temple from the Bell-house, Tokoin Hondo main house, Kozoji Temple, Harvest Festival, Harvest Festival (Rice-cake Making)
    Yokohama: Kaiko kinenkan museum , Pacifico Yokohama, Bay Bridge , Osambashi Peer, Osambashi Peer, Canal under the highway , Minatomirai district, Minatomirai district, China Town in Yokohama, Kaikohiroba-mae
    Kamakura and Hayama: Shonan Kokusai Village, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine 1 , Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine 2 , Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine 3
    Miura penisula and Jogashima: Miura Kaigan , Uraga Dockyard, Kanzaki Light House, Kanzaki Light House from the beach, Dockyard from Jogashima Park, Misaki fish market from Jogashima Bridge
    Oyama: Oyamadera Temple Hakone: Gora Station of Hakone-Tozan Line, Pola Museum
    KochiKochi City: Park and Hotel, Kochi City, Kochi Castle, Kochi Castle Park
    KyotoToji Temple: Three-story pagoda of Toji, Auditorium of Toji, Lotus pond in Toji, Main Gate of Toji
    Kurama Temple: Okunoin, Sando, Main temple
    Karasuma-imadegawa: Gosho Imadegawa Gate, Shokokuji temple, Doshisha Univ Campus, Doshisha Univ Chapel(1), Doshisha Univ Chapel(2)
    Yoshida-Kyoto Univ: Clock Tower of Kyoto University, Yoshida Shrine
    Gion and Yasaka: Hanamikoji, Yasaka shrine, Five-story pagoda of Yasaka
    Rakuhoku: Kamigamo shrine, International Convention Hall, Autumn of Kyoto
    Rakuchu: Rokkakudo Temple, Mt. Hiei from Karasuma-Kyoto Hotel, Old-fashioned town houses
    Kinugawa 衣笠: Fudodo in Gold pavilion
    MieGozaisho: Mt. Gozaisho from Yunoyama Spa, Gozaisho Ropeway station
    Nagiri: Birdeye view of Nagiri , Daiozaki Light House, Fishery Port of Nagiri(1) , Fishery Port of Nagiri(2), Fishery Port of Nagiri(3)
    MiyagiSendai: SS30 Building, Hirose River, Yagiyama from Hirose River, Sakunami Spa, Mountain near Sakunami Spa, Kinken Birdview , Integration Laboratory, Tohoku University
    Matsushima: Matsushima Godaido(1), Matsushima Godaido(2), Zuiganji Temple
    Zao: Miyagi Zao Landscape
    MiyazakiSeagaia (a)(1996), Seagaia (b)(1996)b, Aoshima (a)(1996)a, Aoshima (b) (1996)b, Aoshima (c) (2002), Aoshima shrine(1996), Oyodo River (2006)
    NaganoZenkoji temple: Chuodori, Niomon Gate, Nakamise Avenue, Main Building of Zenkoji, Daimon Gate from the Main Building, Nakamise from the Main Building
    Matsushiro and Togakushi: Mt. Amakazari
  • Mt. Minakami, Matsushiro Royal Hotel, Togakushi shrine
    Suganodaira: Suganodaira 1, Suganodaira 2, Suganodaira 3
    Iizuna Highland: Far vie of Hotel Arcadia, Hotel Arcadia and Mt. Iizuna
  • NagasakiNagasaki: Nagasaki Dockyard, Nagasaki Port from New Port Hotel 5F, Megami-Ohashi Bridge from New Port Hotel roof, Megami-Ohashi Bridge from Glover Garden at night, Glover Residence at night, Dejima district, (Kapitan's Office in Dejima, Headquater of Bummeido Sohonten Confectionary, Spectacles Bridge, Gate of Cina Town in Minato Park, Japanese restaurant "Kagetsu", a historical spot, (Entrance Gate of Sofukuji Temple, Urakami Catholic Church, The Peace Statue in the Heiwa Park, Campus Scene in Nagasaki University
    Unzen: Nagasaki Peninsula from Unzen,
    Hirado: Hirado Port, Port from Hirado Castle, Port from Matsuura Library, Port from Kawachi Pass, Police Station
    NaraNara: Nara New Public Hall and Wakakusayama Hill, Gagaku Music Concert at Nara New Public Hall, Deers in the Nara Park,Nandaimon Gate of Todaiji Temple, Daibutsuden from Nandaimon, Daibutsuden from Kagamiike pond in dusk, Daibutsuden from the New Public Hall, Nigatsudo of Todaiji Temple, Nan'endo from Sarusawa Pond, Five-story Pagoda and Kondo of Kofukuji Temple, Sarusawa Pond and Five-Story Pagoda
    Yamatokoriyama: Minosho, Yamatokoriyama(1), Minosho, Yamatokoriyama(2), Obitoke-Station, JR Sakurai Line, Nara
    NiigataNiigata: Bandai Bridge, Boats near Bandai Bridge, Yacht Harbor near Ryuto Bridge, Hotel Nikko Niigata and Toki Messe Congress Center, Toki Messe Congress Center, Bird's eye view of Niigata Port, Bird's eye view of downtown Niigata, Historical buildings, Former Niigata Custom House, Niigata History Museum
    Kujiranami: Japan Sea from Hotel Metropolitan Matsushima, Mt. Yoneyama from Kujiranami Beach
    Sado: Ogi from Kyojima, Bird view of Ogi from Joshima Park, Rock Budda statuette in Sukunegi, Sukunegi Village, Mt. Tateyama from Sadomaru boat, Party on the Sadomaru boat
    OitaBeppu: Pagoda and Beppu Bay from Suginoi Hotel, Global Tower and Oita-city area from Suginoi Hotel, Beppu Bay and Kunisaki Peninsula from Suginoi Palace, Suginoi Hotel and Mt. Tsurumi-dake, Mt. Takasaki from Kankaiji-Spa, Kankaiji-Bridge
    OkayamaOkayama City: Korakuen Park in Okayama
    Kurashiki: Small lane with warehouses, Hommachi dori, Hommachi area from the Achi shrine, Old fashioned shop in Hommachi dori, Slope of Achi shrine, Old warehouse, Ohara Museum from Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel
    Tamano: Tamano Port, Ushimado 1, Ushimado 2
    Shimotsui: Seto-Ohashi Bridge from Washu Highland Hotel,Old town in Shimitsui Town Seto-Ohashi Bridge from a fishery port of Shimotsui, Old Kaisen-tonya House of Shimotsui
    OkinawaNaha: Tomari Port 1, Tomari Port 2. Shureimon Gate of Shuri Castle, Kankaimon Gate of Shuri Castle, Steps to the Zuisenmon Gate of Shuri Castle, Zuisenmon Gate, Seiden main hall of Shuri Castle, Naha city area from Shuri Castle
    Univ Ryukyus: House for international exchange
    SagaKaratsu: Karatsu Castle, Karatsu city from the Castle
    ShimaneMatsue: Lake Shinjiko, Matsue city from Matsue Castle, Matsue Castle, Matsue Castle from Prefectural Office, (Kyomise region, Matsue Red Cross Hospital, Shimane University
    ShizuokaAtami: Atami Port from the hotel, Atami port, Atami city area from MOA Museum, Atami Port from MOA Museum, Sagami Bay from Atami
    Shimoda: Old town of Shimoda, Fishery Port, Dockyard Izumiya), Kakizaki harbour from Vandalia-so 1, Kakizaki harbour from Vandalia-so 2, Fishery Market, Shimoda Inaozawa River
    Nishi-izu: Tago Port), Fish market of Tago Port, Arari village, Fishermen of Arari, Fishermen
    Kanzanji: Hamanako lake from Kanzanji
    TochigiNasu: Mt. Chausudake, Resort of Nasu, Pool in the Nasu Resrt, Horse riding club of Nasu, Winter scenary of Nasu Highland, Winter scenary of Wood in Nasu 1, Winter scenary of Wood in Nasu 2
    TottoriTottori: Jimpukaku, Koyama Pond, Uratomi Beach
    TokushimaTokushima: Bird View of Tokushima from Bisen, Shinmachi River, Tokushima Central Park, Bisen from Tokushima Station, Tokushima railway yard, Suketogawa plaza, Yoshinogawa Bridge, Awa-Jurobei Residence, Doll head of Bunraku
    TokyoTokyo Central Zone: Japanese Diet building from Kasumigaseki bldg., Kitanomaru Park from MEXT, Bird's eye view of Ohtemachi and Imperial Palace from KKR Hotel Tokyo, (Far view of Sky Tree Tower from 20F of Fuji-Soft Building, Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Hibiya Park, Ochanomizu, Nikolai Church, Shinobazu Pond
    Odaiba: Odaiba Fuji Television Building from AIST Tokyo Laboratory
    Oshima Island: Kobomatsu Beach 1, Kobomatsu Beach 2, Habu Port 1, Habu Port 2, Habu Port 3, Mt. Miharayama, Oshima from Hamayu-maru
    ToyamaToyama City: Bird's eye view of Toyama city from City Hall Tower)2009.09.10, Toyama City Hall, Toyama Castle (1), Toyama Castle (2), Toyama University Main Entrance, Old Town in Iwase District, Mori's House: Old marchant's residence in Iwase District
    Toyama Port: Toyama Port-Crane, Toyama Port from Port Tower, Toyama Power Plant, Fishing at Canal in Toyama Port
    Suburbs of Toyama City: Toyama Port-Far View, Toyama TV Towers
    Takaoka City: Old city houses in Takaoka city
    YamanashiMt. FujiMt. Fuji from Lake Yamanaka, Mt. Fuji from Ubako Pass
    Lake Yamanakako: Lake Yamanakako and Yacht, Bird View of Lake Yamanakako
    Oshino: Mt. Fuji from Oshino, Oshino, Oshino-hakkai, Oshino-hakkai and Carp-fly
    KoreaChollanamdoSongkwangsa Temple Bird's eye view of Mokpo from Yudalsan
    DaejonCampus of KAIST, Tonghoksa Temple, Hiking Course of Mt. Kyeryongsan
    KwanjuKwanju Far View, Kwanju Museum
    NagsanNagsan Beach, Nagsansa Temple, Hajodae Cliff
    SeoulNamdaemun, Namsan Tower, Ansan 1, Ansan 2
    SolaksanSinhungsa Temple, Cable Car of Mt. Solaksan, Mt. Ulsanpawui from Mt. Solaksan, Yeongumjung, Sokcho, Sokcho Port 1. Sokcho Port 2
    LuxemburgLuxemburgCathedral Notre Dame, Grund in winter, Christmas market in front of the City Hall, Ru du Marche' aux Herbes, Palais Grand Ducal, Ru du Palais de Justice (Musee National d'Histoire et D'Art), Alzette River(Grund), Eglise Saint Jean du Grund, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
    MoldovaKishinev(Kishinev 1990) Academy of Sciences Moldova(1), Academy of Sciences Moldova(2), Russian Orthodox church in Kishinev, Education center , Codru Hotel, Green Hotel, Pushkin Park (1) ,
  • Pushkin Park (2), Concert, Cossack Dance (1), Cossack Dance (2), Cossack Dance (3), Cossack Dance (4), Cossack Dance (5), Old Houses , Pastral view, Folksmuseum
  • R
    RussiaMoscowMoscow St. Wasilika
    SpainAranjuesAranjues Palace, Garden of Aranjues
    CordovaMezquita, Alcazar, Corregidor de la Cerda
    La GranjaPalacio_Real_la_Granja, La_Granja_village
    Madridlaza_Mayor, Puerta_del_Sol, Madrid_night_scene, St_Antonio, Palecio Real Madrid, Puerta_de_Alcala, Madrid Scenary, Hotel Ritz, Academia, Jeronimo
    SegoviaCathedral, Acueducto, Intendencia_Militar, Landscape with Acueducto, Street under Acueducto (1), Street under Acueducto, Church in the wilderness, Alcazar Segovia (1), Alcazar Segovia (2)
    ToledoaAlcazar Far View, Alcazar, Cathedral from hotel window, Cathedral (1), Cathedral (2), Cathedral (3), Ayutamiento, Plaza de Ayutamiento, Plaza de Zocodover, Nueva Porta de Bisagra, Pueruta de Bisagra, Cardenal Taberra Hospital
    SwedenStockholmSide lane near Rica Hotel Kungsgatan, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Harbour, Kopmanbrinken st in Gamla Stan, Stortorget in front of Nobel Museum, Sodermalm from Gamla Stan, Skeppsholmen from Gamla Stan, Nobel Museum, Ostermalm from Palace back, Sodermalm from the City Hall, Ridderholmen from City Hall
    MalmoCanal and Buildings from Univ. Molmo, Downtown Malmo), Turning Torso, Marketplace
    SwitzerlandZurichZurich Central Station, Vicinity of Central station, Street of Zurich, Zurich Lake, Zurich town from the University
    LuzernLake Luzern, Cathedral of Luzern
    TaiwanHsinchuDongmen, The temple Institute of dongning Palace, Cheng huang temple, Tsinghua University campus (1), Tsinghua University campus (2)
    TaipeiGrand Hotel, Main Gate of Grand Hotel, East Gate, Lungshan Temple, President Office, Mitsukoshi Tower from Grand Hotel,
  • Keelung River from Grand Hotel (1), Keelung River from Grand Hotel (2), National Museum of Taiwan, Main Gate of National Palace Museum
  • Peace Park, Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Yanmingshan Volcano, Yingge Ceramic Town
  • TurkeyIstanbulKilil Ali Mosque, The K. Hendek street neat the Galata Tower, Galata Bridge on the Golden Horn, Galata Tower beyond the Golden Horn, Suleymaniye Mosque beyond the Golden Horn, Blue Mosque, Hagiya Sophia Museum
    UKEdinburghEdinburgh city bird's eye view from Edinburgh Castle, Student residence (1), Student residence (2), Student residence (3), Edinburgh Castle from Central Station, Edinburgh Castle from Museum, Wall of Edinburgh Castle, Bird's eye view of Edinburgh town from castle , Old buildings in Edinburgh , View through a small lane , Royal Mile (1), Royal Mile (2), Royal Mile (3), St. Giles Cathedral, Street view Edinburgh, Street view from bus stop near the Station, Leath (water front of Edinburgh), Bird's eye view of Holylood Palace , Castle in the suburbs of Edinburgh , Stewarts Melville Colledge , Hospital of Edinburgh , Holylood Palace (1) , Holylood Palace (2) , Holylood Palace (3)
    CardiffOld building on the Cardiff Bay, View of the Cardiff Bay , Cardiff Castle (1), Cardiff Castle (2), Cardiff Castle (3) , Street view, Street view with a tower , Cardiff University , Chapel, Residence of Lord of Cardiff , Ruin of Tintern Abbey (1) , Ruin of Tintern Abbey (2)
    GlasgowSuburban Houses, Evening Landscape with Church Tower , Restaurant Ubiquitous Chip, Church in the suburbs of Glasgow , Apartmenthouse in the suburbs of Glasgow, Tower of Glasgow University , Campus scene of Glasgow University (1) , Campus scene of Glasgow University (2), Main Gate of Glasgow University , Street scene close to Glasgow University , Bird's eye view from Glasgow University (1) , Bird's eye view from Glasgow University (2), A banquet at the Town Hall of Glasgow, Botanical Gardens , Clock tower in the Downtown, River and Church , Kelburn Castle (1) , Kelburn Castle (2)
    LondonStreet side , Hyde Park with Double Decker, River Thames , Piccadilly Circus
    SalfordRiver Irwell, Peel Building, Salford University, Manchester Town Hall, Liverpool Town Hall
    StirlingfView from Stirling Castle, Street of Stirling , Scotch whisky brewary (1), Scotch whisky brewary (2)
    UkraineKaradag From the highest place in Karadag (2009), Curious Rock in Karadag (2009)
    Magarach A road to the Wine Institute of Magarach , Lanscape of Magarach
    Partenit The health resort Krim from the 4th Corps, Flower beds and forest in the Krim resort , Beach of Partenit, Beach and Mt. Bear , Landscape in Krim from Room #45 , The lane along the beach in the morning
    Partenit Beach of Partinet with the "Small Bear" rock, Swimmers on the beach of Partinet, Partinet Bay, Mt. Bear and beach of Krim
    Yalta The Swallow Nest and the Black Sea (2001), The Swallow Nest (2001), Swallow Nest from the hill top (2009), Looking up the Swallow Nest (2009)
    USAChicagoDown town Chicago, University of Chicago , Restaurant in Chicago
    Denver and Snowmass Denver downtown from Lakewood , Lakewood Apartments , Denver Tower(1) , Denver Tower(2) , Denver downtown from City Park, Snowmass (1) , Snowmass (2) , Marroon Bells, Mountain of Rocky
  • Canal, boat and tram, Canal and resort-boats, Lagoon beach, Musician at Lagoon beach , View from the Grand Staircase (Fall), Lagoon close to Ocean Tower, Sunset at the Waikoloa Beach , View of resort houses outside the Village , Kirin Chinese Resort, Parm tree and beach, Cona beach
  • MontereyMonterey from Sea, Monterey from Pier, Monterey harbor, Harbor House, DoubleTree Hotel, Fisherman's Warf, From the peer, >Seagull, Harbour
    New YorkBattery Park, Grand Central Station , La Guardia Blecket, Manhattan from East River (1), Manhattan from East River (2) , Street cornaer near Central Park, Old builings on the Hudson, Corner Seven 42st, Park on the corner Seven 42st , View from Empire State , From MOMA , Washington Park
    San DiegoCruiser, Buildings of Downtown, Downtown from Hotel, Downtown from Island(1), Downtown from Island(2), Bar at Harbor House, Harbor House, Marina (1) , Marina (2) , Building in Downtown San Diego , Hotel and Marina , Palm Tree and Harbor House, Palm Tree and Marina in San Diego Harbor Island , Concert in SanDiego Zoo . SanDiego Zoo Building, A party in the SanDiego Zoo
    San Francisco City Hall (1), City Hall (2) , Coit Tower on the Telegragh Hill, Coittower from Pier, Pier 41 , Pier 39, Fisherman's Warf , Restaurant at the Fisherman's Warf, Slope and a Cablecar, Union Square, China Town , UC Bercley
    San JoseMountain view from 18F of Fairmont Hotel, Fairmont hotel and Palm tree street, The Second street in San Jose
    SeattleKing Sreet Station, King Sreet Station Clock Tower, Market, Plaza , Skyscraper , The Washington Mutual Tower, Post Alley , The Woolworth Building , Meeting on the Street, Totempole
    StanfordCampus (1), Campus (2), Church (1), Church (2), Hoover Tower, Palm Tree
    VenezelaCaracasCongress, Baruta, Near Gato Negro Metro Station (1), Near Gato Negro Metro Station (2) , Monument of Triumph , Casado Bolivar , Macuto (1) , Macuto (2)
    MeridaPlaza Bolivar , Merida town (1) , Merida town (2) , Landscape from Telefferico, Cablecar Station , Lake Maracaibo

    Sletches of locations of ICTMC

    Sketches of locations where ICTMC (International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds) were held.
    Conference Numberyeardrawing (click image to enlarge)city/country (sketches of each sity)
    ICTC11973 Bath/UK
    ICTC21975 Strasbourg/France
    ICTC31977 Edinburgh/UK
    ICTMC41980 Tokyo/Japan
    ICTMC51982 Cagliari/Sardinia/Italy
    ICTMC61984 Caracas/Venezuela
    ICTMC71986 Snowmass/CO/USA
    ICTMC81990 Kishinev/Moldova
    ICTMC91993 Yokohama/Japan
    ICTMC101995 Stuttgart/Germany
    ICTMC111997 Salford/UK
    ICTMC122000 Hshinchu/Taiwan
    ICTMC132002 Paris/France
    ICTMC142004 Denver/CO/USA
    ICTMC152006 Kyoto/Japan
    ICTMC162008 Berlin/Germany
    ICTMC172010 Baku/Azerbaijan
    ICTMC182012 Salzburg/Austria
    ICMTC192014NiigataNiigata, Japan
    ICMTC202016HalleHalle, Germany

    K.Sato's drawings cited in Website overseas

    USATeam Orangerie of Colorado, Index Page
    USAMelissa Kew, PhD Student Chicago University, top page
    The NetherlandsNijmegen Sketches
    16 drawings
    FranceLe Creusot;Artistes Creusotins
    (Prof. Katsuaki Sato's corner)
    FranceCanal St.Martin, Paris
    (An oil color tableau and a water-color sketch "Canal St. Martin" are uploaded.)
    FranceLouvres, Paris
    (A water-color sketch "Louvre" is uploaded.)
    FranceLes Tuilleries, Paris
    (An oil color tableau "Tuilleries in the Fall" is uploaded.)
    FranceLes Halles, Parsi
    (Two oil color paintings "Les Halles" are uploaded.)
    FranceTower Eiffel, Paris
    (Two water-color sketches "Tower Eiffel from Panteon" and "Tower Eiffel" are uploaded.
    FranceCamps Elysees, Paris)
    (Two water-clor sketches "Arc de Triumph" and "Blv. Champs Elysees" are uploaded.)
    FranceMontmartre, Paris
    (One water-color sketch "Le Lapin Agile" is uploaded.)
    (Four water-color sketches "Cours Mirabeau ", "Marche des fleurs (Pl.de Precheur) ", "Vieil Aix (Hotel de Ville) ", "Fontaine des Quatre-Dauphins" are uploaded.)
    (Twelve sketches "Pl. Trois Dauphins", "Ave. Alsace-Loraine", "L'Isere(2)", "Vel col", "Bird's eye view of old town of Grenoble", "Palais de Justice", "Pl. Notre Dame 1", "PL. Notre Dame 2", "R. Dominique Villars ", "R. Raoul Blanchaud", "Eglise Sacre Coeur" and "Eglise Saint Andre", and three oil color tableaux "L'Isere", "Jardin de Ville in the morning", "Bird's eye view Grenoble" are uploaded"


    Click to open.

    Sketch Calendar of Halle, Germany 2017

    Tokyo Sketch Calendar 2017

    Japan Sketch Calendar 2017

    Plant Sketch Calendar 2017

    Oil color(Oil colors)

    Oil color drawings in TUAT campus
    KoganeiLibrarySegovia 100F
    KoganeiLibraryParis Trinite 20M
    KoganeiLibraryPortrate of a woman in yellow sweater10F
    KoganeiLibraryPortrate of a woman in red blazer10F
    KoganeiAdministration/Meeting RmLake Zurich20F
    KoganeiBASE/Dean's RoomGrootmarkt Nijmegen100F
    KoganeiBASE/LobbyBreuge bird's ye view100F
    KoganeiBASE/Meeting RmCathedral (Toledo)20M
    KoganeiBASE/Meeting RmPicadilly Circus20F
    KoganeiBASE/Meeting RmGathering (New York)30F
    KoganeiBASE/Meeting RmStreet side (New York)20F
    KoganeiInternational Center/Dean's RmNew Year at Aix en Provence100F
    KoganeiInternational Center/LobbyLes Halles (Paris)100F
    KoganeiHealthcare CenterLes Halles (Paris)30F
    FichuAdministration/Meeting RmMontmartre far view 20M
    FuchuAdministration/Meeting RmStreet of Zurich10F
    FuchuLibraryPower Plant in Manhattan20F
    FuchuDean's OfficeClock Tower in Faculty of Agriculture20F
    FuchuHealthcare Center<Bird's eye view of Grenoble30F
    FichuCafeteria OrizaThames River20F
    Portraits: oil color

    Lady in the Cafe (Paris)10F
    Assembly (Paris)10F
    Assembly (Amsterdam)10F
    Woman in red blazer10F
    Woman in yellow cardigan10F
    Woman in white cardigan10F

    Portraits: watercolor Actress in theater dress

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