Sketch Exhibition 2010
Katsuaki Sato Exhibition of Paris Sketches 2010
August 23-29, 2010; 11:00-18:00
I sincerely thank all of 180 visitors who came to view the exhibition during this hot summer.
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Gallery Joy & Grace
3 minutes walk from Yushima Stn. of Chiyoda Metro line, and 1 minutes walk from Suehirocho Stn. of Ginza Metro Line
6-6-10,Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Tel +81-3-6273-2731
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Gallery is in the backside of an import goods-variety store
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Sacres Coeurs(2)
Hill of MontmartreSplendid decoration of the church attracted my eyes.
Maison Rose
Hill of MontmartreSmall restaurant on the northern slope of Montmartre
drawn during the trip to attend the NOMOKE workshop in Dordan
Far view of Montmartre (1)
From Ponpedou Center 4Fdrawn on way to Montpellier to attend ICPS in 1984sold
Near Trinite
Trinite/Rue d'etienne d'arbregrawn on way back from Musee national Gustave-Moreau in 1991sold
Far view of Montmartre (2)
From the roof of Musee d'Orsaydrawn during a visit in Paris for ICM88 in 1988
Le Lapin Agile
Hill of Montmartredrawn on way back from NOMOKE workshop held at Dourdan in 2000sold
Staircase of Montmartre
Hill of Montmartredrawn from the hill top of Montmartre during Paris visit in 1991sold
Sacres Coeurs (1)
Rue Saint Rustique on the Hill of MontmartreThe narrow lane of St. Rustique where number of artists challenged to stetchsold
Eiffel Tower from the bank of the Seine
From Blv. New York along the Seinedrawn on the occasion of Excursion of ICTMC13 conference in Paris in 2002
Arch of Triumph
Arch of Triumph from Champs Elyseedrawn on way back from Dourdan visit for NOMOKE in 2000sold
Cafetrrasse on the Champs Elysees
Blv Champs Elyseesdrawn on way back from Dourdan visit for NOMOKE in 2000sold
Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris
Place du Parvis Notre Damedrawn on way to Montpellier to attend ICPS in 1984
Pond in the Garden of Tuilleries
Jardin des Tuilleriesdrawn on the visit to Paris from Nijmegen the Netherlands in 1997sold
Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris in the sunset
From Pont Saint Louisdrawn at the transit time (4hrs) at Charles de Gaulle airport on way back from Grenoble for ICCG14sold
Rue Montmartre near Les Halles Metro station
from the steps of Eglise Saint Eustacledrawn on way back from Benodet where MORIS2002 was held in 2002sold
Bassin de la Villette
Parc of the Villettedrawn during a visit to Paris for symposium in 1997
Hotel de Ville Paris
the place de l'Hotel de Villedrawn way back from MORIS2002 in Benodetsold
The Seine and Pont Royal
from Pont Leopold Cedardrawn on th evisit for a symposium in 1997sold
The Seine and Pont Louis Phillippe
Pont d'Arcoledrawn in 2004 on way back from ICCG14 held in Grenoble
Canal Saint Martin
Rue Bellevilledrawn on way back from NOMOKE workshop in 2000sold
Pont Saint Michel
on the Pont Saint Micheldrawn in 2000 before the visit to Univrsite Paris Sudsold
Rue Saint Severin
on the Rue Saint Severendrawn on way back from Universite Paris Sud in 2000sold
Tour Eiffel from Panteon
Place de Panteondrawn during the visit to Paris for ICM2002
Palais Luxembourg
Parc de Luxembourgdrawm in 1988 on the visit for ICM88
La Sorbonne
Universite Sorbonnedrawm in 1988 on the visit for ICM88
L'Orangerie du Luxembourg
Parc de Luxembourg>drawm in 1988 on the visit for ICM88

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